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The New Landlord Manual: Especially for new landlords who need to rent their house today.

Now, there's a headache-free way to
collect at least 10 percent more rent
from people who pay you on time
and leave you in peace,
and you can do all this in a weekend.
I guarantee it!

I'm Mark S.A. Smith.

It was 1982. I bought my first house straight out of college. Money was easy; you only needed a small down payment.

Two years later, I was assigned by my employer to an over-seas location, and I became, by accident, a landlord.

Because of the economy in the 1980’s, I had a house that was worth LESS than the mortgage. I was forced to be a landlord until the market turned around.

Sound familiar? I'll share with you what I learned in the last bad economic cycle. You benefit from my experience and mistakes.

Because I wasn't in town, I had to get a property manager to rent the house, look after the place, and manage tenants. They did the best they could, but the rental house stayed vacant about 20 percent of the time. So, many months I had to pay the mortgage out of my pocket, and repairs from careless tenants were eating me up. I was frustrated.

When Renting Your House is a Matter of Financial Survival

I had to create a fool-proof system that let me quickly rent the house to people who would pay their rent, on time.

I had to select renters that wouldn’t trash the place, wouldn’t call me in the middle of the night with emergencies, or complain every time a faucet leaked.

And I figured out how to do it.

Someone said, “Hey, why don’t you make this available to others? Why don’t you write a book?” Even veteran landlords found the information interesting, exciting, and they used the ideas to get higher rents.

After years of testing and refinement of the Accidental Landlord system, you can benefit from my experience, pain, and hassle. You get to tap into my 23 years of being a part-time landlord.

Why Do You Need to Rent Your House?

Maybe you've just bought an investment property and want to manage it yourself. This manual will show you how to get the house rented fast to people who won't trash it.

Maybe you can't sell your house, but you've got to move. You're an accidental landlord, and this manual will help give you peace of mind because you'll know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Maybe you're ready to downsize, but want to keep your house for cash flow. This manual will let you discover how to create the most cash flow from your home and not have your renters calling you all the time, driving you crazy.

No matter why you want to rent your house, this manual can help. Even if you're a seasoned landlord, I'll bet that you'll discover tips and tricks that you don't yet know that can help reduce your headaches and help you collect higher rents.

Everything You Need to Know to Rent Your House
at the Right Price to the Right People

As a sales and marketing consultant, I’ve brought in everything I know about selling, psychology, and marketing. (I've written 8 other books.)

This is the most advanced do-it-yourself home rental kit on the market. But it is also one of the simplest systems I've found.

I designed this system from scratch to let people who needed to rent their home do so painlessly and easily.

It assumes that you know nothing about renting your house, it's specifically for new landlords. It will save you money, save you time, and eliminate all the headaches possible.

What Would You Do with an Extra $50 to $200 a Month, or More?

You will learn what to say and do to get rents that are at least 10 percent higher then other houses in your neighborhood! (I show you how on page 28.) What's that worth to you each month? $50, $100, $200 more in rent?

Think about it this way, in the first month, you can make back two to ten times what you invest in this manual! I guarantee it, or your money back!

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Makes Landlording Easy!

You'll also know how to make doing background checks a breeze. I tell you exactly what to say when you call references.

You get a complete step-by-step system that makes it easy for you to find headache-free renters who will pay the rent on time and let you live in peace. What's that worth to you? Is it worth the price of a nice lunch for two?

"...A Personal Guide By My Side..."

I just purchase the New Accidental Landlord Material after having just purchased my first rental home.

I also went to the library and probably brought home at least 15 good rental books...yes AT least 15... but the one I keep coming back to is the "Accidental Landlord"!

I feel like it has given me all the tools to use (without reinventing the wheel thru my own trial and error) to successfully succeed with confidence in preparing and renting my first purchased Rental Property.

It's actually done in such a way where it's a short enough read and I feel like I have my own Personal Guide by my side assisting me every step of the way with proven fail proof steps so I'm more likely to succeed from the get go!

Pam & Dan W.

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All the Forms You Need...

You also get Microsoft Word® files of forms for you to customize and use immediately. Here are the forms you get:

For Rent Sign: You get a template for a proven for-rent sign. Just update the number of bedrooms and the phone number, and it's ready to print and post on your property.

Application for Rental: This form gathers the most information you need so that you can choose the best, most headache-free renter.

A Magic Lease: This is the lease I've used for 23 years. And it keeps me from getting calls in the middle of the night, makes sure that I get paid at the first of every month, and eliminates headache renters.

Condition Report: You need this to prove any damage to your house. Without this, you won't be able to claim the damage deposit.

Move Out Check List: Most landlords deliver this when a renter moves out. I suggest that you give it to your renter when then move in so they know what to expect when they need to move on.

Repair Order: This makes the paperwork simple when you have to make repairs.

Sample “Raise the Rent” Letter: Hey, if they stay beyond a year, you'll want to increase the rent. Here's how.

Sample “Move Out” Letter: When it's time for them to go, here's what you need to tell them.

Sample “Send Money Now” Letter: I've only had to send a letter like this three times in 23 years. And they were sent to people who I didn't screen properly. I'll show you how to avoid people like that.

Lead disclosure: You also get the federally required forms and pamphlets you must give to your renters if your house was built before 1978. The lease includes HUD approved disclosure language.

Stay clear of the law: You get free access to a Website that provides specific information about landlord-tenant laws in your state!

"...The best resource..."

“I have been in the investment apartment business for over 20 years and this book is the best resource I have read for straightforward steps to take in renting and preserving your investment along with peace of mind as a landlord.

The included “Word” documents are worth the price of the book alone!”

 Mike Merrifield, CCIM
Commercial Investment Real Estate Specialist

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And You Get the Accidental Landlord manual,
96 pages of Great Stuff, No Fluff

Just look at what you learn: This is the table of contents from the Accidental Landlord, complete with page numbers. You can use this as a checklist of things you need to do to rent your house.

Table of Contents

Why I Wrote this Manual 9

A matter of financial survival 9
No “slum lord” manual 10
How to get extraordinary results from this manual 10
I’m going to make some people mad 10
This isn’t legal advice 11

Reasons to Consider Renting Your Home 12

Temporarily moving, will come back 12
Buying a house for your college kid, rent out the rest 12
Can’t sell in the current market 12
Investment property 13
Children’s college education fund or retirement fund 13
Moving to a larger home 14
Vacation property advice 14
The most important secret to successful, worry-free renting 14

When You Shouldn’t Rent Your Home 15

It’s farther away than you want to drive 15
You’re real picky about your property 15

Why People Want to Rent 16

Newly divorced 16
Just moved to town 16
Bankrupt 16
Financially unable 17
Don’t want the commitment of a house 17
Expanding family 17
Shrinking family 17
Temporary living 17

The 10 Secrets of Landlord Success 19

Getting the House Ready 21

Leasing furnished versus unfurnished 21
Clean means more money 21
Fresh paint rents it faster 22
Updated amenities means more rent money 23
Bring in a little furniture 23
What should be included in the house 23
Prepare an information sheet 24
Write out a direction sheet 26
Prepare the lease 26
Get insurance 27

Getting the Right Rent 28

How to find out what others are charging 28
How to calculate what to charge 28

How to Find Great Renters 30

Newspaper ads 30
A sign on the property 30
Bulletin boards 31
Word of mouth 31

Place the Ad 32

How to choose the right newspaper 32
How to choose the right classification 32
How to write an ad headline that attracts the best renter 32
How to write an add that gets you the highest rent 34
When to run the ads for best response 35

Interview on the Phone 36

The secret to finding headache-free renters 36
How spend the least amount of time showing the house 36
What message to put on your voice mail 36
First, check for convenient location 37
Next, find out what they want 37
What you don’t want 38
Don’t schedule an appointment with everyone 38

Set Up the Appointments 39

The mass showing 39
The private showing 39
Dealing with no shows 39

Interview in Person 40

Greeting them at the door 40
Give them an information sheet 40
What to look for in a renter 40

Show the House 41

In person 41
By themselves 41
How to talk about your house so people want to rent from you 42
Buying signs that let you know they want to rent from you 42
Getting them to apply now 42
Common objections and how to answer them 43
Negotiating strategies that let your asking price 43
Get them to fill out an application 44
Review the application: what to look for 44
The most important question to ask 44
How to instantly tell how they’ll treat your property 45
A word on application fees 45

Select Your Renter 47

Financial criteria that makes sure you get paid 47
Psychographic criteria for selecting headache-free renters 47
Renter selection criteria that’s illegal to use 48

Background Checks 49

What to say when you call their last landlord 49
What to say when you call their employer 49
What to say when you call their references 50
How to get a credit report 50
What to do when you decide to not rent because of the credit report  51
What if no one’s good enough? 52

Make the Signing Appointment 53

Review the Lease 54

Mandated lead paint disclosures 54
The lease that works wonders 55
Optional clause — “What if we need to move?” 62
Optional clause — “We want to buy a house!” 63
Sign the lease 63
Sign a utility notification 63
Collect the damage deposit and initial rent 63
Set up automatic deposit for the rent 63

Review the Property 65

Give them move out instructions when they move in 65

Move In Time 66

Change the message on your answering machine 66
Call those you didn’t select 66
Relax and move on to your next project 66

Raising the Rent 67

Stable or down market 67
Up market 67

Move Out Time 68

The final utility reading 68
The move out checklist 68
Review the house 68
Refund the damage deposit 68

Doing the Taxes 72

Keep excellent records 72
Depreciate or not depreciate? 72

Handling Problems 73

The rent check doesn’t arrive 73
When they move out unexpectedly 73
Handling an angry renter 74
How to painlessly evict 76

Appendix of Ready to Use Forms 77

Application for Rental 78
Condition Report 80
Move Out Check List 91
Repair Order 93
Sample “Raise the Rent” Letter 94
Sample “Move Out” Letter 95
Sample “Send Money Now” Letter 96


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